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Kunstvlaai / INexactly THIS, 2012

During INexactly THIS — Kunstvlaai 2012 — artist collective Group XIII presented an interactive research center for contemporary culture. An on the spot production and selling environment was proposed where the group worked and slept uninterrupted for the duration of 10 days.

The collective formed an assembly line where they produced visual concepts, reviewed them amongst each other, converted them into works on generic sizes (A3 & A4 only) and brought them to the Main Ground, where it was reviewed by visitors and sold. The reviews of feedback and sells were brought back to the production space, where the initial process was revised and repeated. A daily updated catalogue website was published, displaying research progress based on Kunstvlaai visitors’ input & sells.

The layout of the space consisted of 3 rooms. The floorplan:

D1-2 Main Ground, where art is reviewed and sold.
D1-3 Workshop. On-the-spot art production.
D1-4 Statistics room, where concepts are made and reviewed.

Group XIII was an artist collective (2012-2013) consisting of Harm Ronald Maris, Guus Smeulders, René Kuipers, Jessie Veenstra, Wabbesch & Alban Karsten. During Kunstvlaai 2012, they produced works based on visitor-statistics, researching contemporary culture, with the intention of becoming a self sufficient art-institute.

Made possible with the kind support of Galerie Sign, Groningen.

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