De Apotheek, 2018

In Bufferzone Alban Karsten and Kitty Maria propose various objects for safe-being. Sculptures are made of CITES listed illegal hardwoods – with their composite density some of the hardest type of woods to demolish. Because of their forbidden status the wood is only sold in very small very highly priced leftover batches. Making the already luxury good even more exuberant.

These woods are harvested from natural forests, buffer zones however are artificial vegetations, planted as buffer brims around industrial sites, to sort of purify the air before it reaches civilians’ neighbourhood, or to be a buffer space in case of an explosion. A recreational gift for residents in the surrounding area, as well as a governmental handgrip.

For this show, they’ve build an installation exploring the theme of the buffer zone, with its inherent merits like compliance, gentle exploitation and safekeeping.

Made possible with the kind support of De Apotheek. In collaboration with Kitty Maria.

Materials: Bubinga (forbidden wood), pine railing, handrail holders, mdf, cake, heavy duty transport cases, plants.

Special thanks to: Tom Kemp, Monica Mays, Olga Micińska and hand model Andrea Lopez Bernal.