Egg Restaurant

de Gym, 2014

During the Easter period of 2014, artist-run project space de Gym — initiated by Karina Bakx, Wabbesch and Alban Karsten — reconstructed into an Egg restaurant.

The restaurant produced egg-only dishes from the eggs laid by the two hens in their poultry run (Chicken Tube). The main course contained mostly egg balls; a notorious dish in the North of the Netherlands and an unexplored delight outside thereof.

The Egg restaurant was an investigation into the hypothesis whether a space can function as a “credibility prop”; a perversion of the original concept of the credibility prop founded by Jeff Chapman, where a device, object or uniform is used as a tool to be convincing within a role one (unofficially) takes on.
The visitors became an active part of the installation, in their new role as restaurant customers.

After 3 days the restaurant closed permanently.

Hallway > Chicken Tube: Mdf, cherry wood, nettings, hinges, locks, black and lila lacquer, 3 yellow electric wires, 3 daylight lamps, 2 hens, perspex, straw (600 x 100 x 75 cm)
Main venue > Egg Restaurant: Wood, plastic, tables, chairs, fluorescents, yellow and lila lacquer, 8 staff members, staff pictures in frames, staff clothing, frying device

In collaboration with: Karina Bakx, Philippe Wolthuis, Gijs Deddens, Wabbesch, Manon Maring, Anne-Nynke Knol and Rik Möhlmann.