Daily Solo Show

M^C^O Milan, 2016

A two month residency programme during Milan Art Week & Salone del Mobile.

Kitty Maria and Alban Karsten engaged in an on-going marathon of daily build-ups and nightly openings with an opening talk in their Daily Solo Show in M^C^O, Milan. Introducing all participating artists of the residency with a solo show lasting the duration of one opening: from the 1st till the 17th of April 2016. Turning the art of exhibition making into a day-to-day labor as a protocol against lethargy and an attempt to investigate and defy the process of exhaustion.

Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 300 cm (gallery, flexible sizes)
Materials: construction beams, roller-blinds, lacquer, hinges

Made possible by The Wandering School & M^C^O, Milan.
In collaboration with: Kitty Maria and the kind help of the 17 daily soloists:

#1 Anna Reutinger – Real Talk
#2 Aurélien Lepetit – I Hate Your Body
#3 Team Yellow – Hello Milano
(Team Yellow is Erasmus Scherjon, Laure Jaffuel, Leïla Arenou, Maarten Nico Hoogendijk, Kitty Maria and Alban Karsten)
#4 Rachel-Rose O’leary – Deam Transcript: Flesh Eating Computer Virus
#5 Elise Ehry – Bed Piece
#6 Aaron McLaughlin – iPhone Curatorial 2016
#7 Fire – Cuore di Fuoco
(Fire is Alban Karsten and Eurico Sá Fernandes)
#8 Nicola Baratto, Valentin Noiret, Alberto Valz Gris – Hunter Gatherers Escapism (w/ Stefano Testa & Francesco Gagliardi)
#9 Yiannis Mouravas – Helping Hands
#10 Clément Carat – Track Bike
#11 Eurico Sá Fernandes – 5 Dark Objects
#12 Angelo Rrem – The Body Of The Assembly
#13 Cyril Menouillard – Selected Works 2010-2016 (by L&M)
#14 Carolin Gießner – Drop Piece
#15 Tom & Arthur – Ludoteca Club Tonic
#16 Maarten Nico Hoogendijk – Everything I Do Is For My Mom / I Guess That’s Just The Reality You Have To Deal With
#17 Thijs van de Loo – Burning The White Cube