Soft Landings Showroom

Neverneverland, Amsterdam 2018

Installation consisting of three product-testing devices, trialing the promised parameters of 200 heavy-duty transport cases over the course of 2 weeks.

Soft Landings investigates the phenomenon of industrialised speculation on unfortunate events and disaster – the corporate tendency to favor the worst case scenario, from a scratch or a burn to (extraterrestrial) attacks and doom scenarios.

Whether opportunistic or considerate; the responses to crisis by commercial entities are brought to an empathic level through individual arts practice. How might the lone programmer, performer or wood-turner manifest an industrial response to the inevitable?

For The Soft Landings Showroom, 200 white injection-molded, heavy-duty transport cases travelled from Ningbo (CN) to Amsterdam. Eventually, they will each house a series of artist editions to become sold as a (hermetically sealable) Christmas basket, the favourite annual offering from employer to employee.

These cases purport to be future proof, totally resistant to water, dust, shock and impact. They will live for a far longer life than any visitors to the Showroom. For this reason, they took their rightful place as the protagonist in an examination of a fully materialised aspect of industrial speculation: the product testing phase.

The Soft Landings Showroom is an expanded view of industrial testing cycles made to determine the performance and functionality of an object by its compliance to human interaction and natural circumstances.

This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).


Soft Landings is an artist collective consisting of Eurico Sa Fernandes, Alban Karsten, Tom Kemp and Kitty Maria. All based in Amsterdam, the four members bring together a scope of performance, programming, film and installation-based practices. The first iteration of their togetherness concerns an exhibition space able to withstand extreme circumstances.