Subconscious Mining

Het Resort, 2020

Intervention in the public space of Groningen as a result from a hypnosis session.

Public space often influences people’s subconscious with its commercial and subliminal enticements. Directing the consumer’s gaze, manipulating the atmosphere and presenting a system of values through symbols and icons to identify with.

In order to map out exactly how public space affects his decision-making processes, mood, feelings of safety or desire, Alban Karsten decided to mine his subconscious with the help of a hypnotherapist, since hypnosis increases our sensitivity to suggestion and concentration on a particular subject. Together they compiled a list of 44 questions for his subconscious to answer, ranging from “Do you feel happy when you cross the street?” to “What is the color of public space?” and “Does public space belong more to you than to companies?”.

Their session took off by identifying the challenges and temptations to try to reflect the specific language of the public space, resulting in a public intervention in response to this, suggested by his subconscious while under hypnosis.

Through this artist-hypnotherapist partnership, Karsten wants to investigate what it means to let a non-art professional infiltrate his practice, and whether it is really possible to “unlock” something buried deep inside. To find out if subconscious exploitation can be a form of scientific management for an artist — to improve the production workflow and enhance or manipulate the result of works by contracting your subconscious.

Made possible with the kind support of Het Resort, Joyful You Hypnotherapy and Gabriel the Drone Charmer.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 200cm
Materials: Drone, banner, wire

With the help and advise of: Kitty Maria, Elise Ehry, Leandro Barzabal