Have you ever stolen from your workplace?

Combo, Venice (IT), 2019

Site-specific installation in the atrium of a former monastery in Venice during the Acqua Alta of November 2019 (high tide).

Psycho-galvanic skin response causing a 12th century well to speak. Triggered by evasiveness and forgery, an obscure self-engineered lie detector is connected to a speaker on the bottom of the well, which poses questions while the perspiration development data is stored in a suitcase hanging above.

The well conducts problematic inquiries with questions ranging from the fields of moral psychology, social history, Socratic conversation and cold reading. A perpetuating feedback-loop by a data-hungry void that questions our deontological or utilitarian decision making ways – binding together the well and its classic moral dilemmas.

Made possible with the kind support of the Dirty Art Foundation and Microclima.
Part of the group show Sleeping Horses, during the finissage of the 2019 Venice Biennial.

Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 400cm
Materials: Aluminium (handles), Arduino engineered lie detector, audio, speaker, heavy-duty transport case, suitcases, shrink wrap

With the help and advice of: Gamze Baray, Nicola Baratto, Eurico Sá Fernandes, Kitty Maria, Kees Aafjes