Slanted Garden

Oosterstraat Groningen, 2014

Slanted Garden is an interactive installation created for De Duitse Ambassade, a temporary German Embassy in located in a former jewelry store in Groningen (NL).

Slanted Garden functioned as a centerpiece for the (unofficial) German Embassy, a gesture for visitors to get acquainted with Groningen’s official sister city Oldenburg (DE). The garden is designed as an anamorphosis, which can only be fully seen on the security camera screen in the back of the space. Since the place was a former jewelry store, with all the anti-burglary devices still in tact, the security camera screens in the front part was used as a guide to draw the Coat of Arms — the German Federal Eagle — on. Benches, plants and trees were cut into odd shapes to prevent them from crossing the outlines of the eagle on the television screen.

Slanted Garden is a collaboration with Philippe Wolthuis.

Dimensions: 1200 x 450 x 150 cm
Materials: wood, sawn-off beer table set, pond liner, soil, grass, plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, crops, vegetables, sound device, 2 security cameras, 1 screen

In collaboration with Philippe Wolthuis.