De Fabriek, 2011

Where the Water Tastes Like Moonshine. Installation as the result of a six weeks residency period.

During their residency at De Fabriek Eindhoven, Alban Karsten and Philippe Wolthuis decided to work with the parameters of the former factory’s architecture. Being sponsored with approximately 80 Idaho pine transport pallets by an American shipping company, they determined that the quantity of the given material would restrict the dimensions of their first sculpture. This resulted into the bridge, an exact extrusion of the convex-shaped roof windows, placed in their perpendicular direction. The bridge rested on the support beams of the building and truck-straps stretched through the scope of the space, leading the audience to the other side of the space.

Next, they build an elevator that enabled slow ascending, manually. Providing the possibility for observation from a top view. The total of the exhibition presented an overview of different carrier objects in dialogue with the carrier elements of the factory’s architecture.

Made possible with the kind support of De Fabriek and Gout International. In collaboration with Philippe Wolthuis

Dimensions: 1800 x 450 x 150 cm (bridge) and 600 x 150 x 100 cm (elevator)
Materials: Idaho pine, car straps, eye nuts, construction wood, manual winch, pulley, steel wire, steel profiles, v-groove bearings.